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  • Lunching at Barneys and drinks at the Stone Pony - what Boss will you find me hanging with?

Missy Farren

Founder and CEO

A desire to make a true difference was the catalyst behind Missy's decision to strike out on her own after a quick rise through the executive ranks of the agency and corporate worlds. Nearly 22 years later, the agency's culture continues to be rooted in Missy's fierce belief that every action matters - a credo that applies to everything from being kind to being successful. Accessible and easy to work with, clients from CEOs to athletes have called upon Missy’s counsel for crisis management, brand building and everything in between.

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  • Living on a sailboat for two years

Caroline Andrew

Senior Vice President

Clients rely on Caroline to support and guide their brands’ internal and external communications in a way that is both personalized and current, and often targeting hard-to-reach audiences. Her expertise spans industries and continents, through her work with six Olympic Games, numerous lifestyle driven brands, the fashion, spirits and sports industries, and a bevy of athlete partners. A passion for making a difference every day has had Caroline thriving with Mfa for well over a decade.

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  • How silence breeds thought through living with Buddhist monks in Japan

Agatha Capacchione

Senior Vice President

A consummate innovator, Agatha’s sophisticated and diverse expertise spans the worlds of culinary, travel, luxury, wellness, tech, fashion and design. Driving her team to provide wholly-inspired and fully integrated strategies, Mfa’s clients benefit from communications programs that both transform and revolutionize. With a keen eye always focused on the bottom line, Agatha is a master of delivering meaningful opportunities to our partners.

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  • Why the Midwest is best!

Laura Anderson Sanchez

Executive Director

Laura recently re-joined the Mfa family after seven years with Target. As Executive Director of Strategy and Innovation, she brings her lifestyle marketing, Millennial communications, social media and content development expertise to Mfa’s diverse roster of partners, always tackling a challenge through the client’s point of view. Laura is proud to represent the Midwest, heading Mfa’s Milwaukee office.

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  • This weekend's home improvement project

Samantha Lacher

Vice President

With a diverse background in journalism and marketing, Samantha uses her editorial eye to lead programs across the communications spectrum and deliver messages through multiple platforms. A longtime passion for tourism and hospitality continues to be fueled by a case of wanderlust, while regular trips to the neighborhood playground with her son have Sam exploring a newfound interest in the growing world of baby and toddler products.

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  • How important it is to protect our beaches and keep our oceans clean

Kori Kalbacher


With a penchant for delivering extraordinary media coverage and maintaining an impressive rolodex that is backed by real media relationships, Kori is firmly at the helm of Mfa’s media specialist group. Her versatility and expertise have been the key to a plethora of brands’ media domination. Kori’s zeal for an active lifestyle is matched only by her passion for delivering on her clients’ goals.

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  • The decision between Thailand and Argentina for her next international adventure

Amelie Bruzat

Senior Account Supervisor

Growing up outside of Paris, Amelie began exploring many different cultures at an early age, which quickly bred a strong love for food and travel. A professional portfolio that includes work with restaurants, wine, spirits, luxury hotels and international properties continues to grow with her inquisitive nature and hardworking personality. Unending curiosity keeps Amelie highly tuned-in to the arts, global events, and the latest cultural trends.

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  • Her never-ending quest to find the perfect craft cocktail

Cynthia Patnode

Senior Account Supervisor

With a diverse PR background covering multiple consumer disciplines, it’s no secret that Cynthia can do anything! Her experience includes successfully marketing globally recognized brands in the luxury, fitness, beauty, fashion and accessories industries. Clients have come to expect superior communication campaigns, consumer product launches, and high profile event execution from Cynthia, as her relationships and driven personality lead to consistent and impressive results.

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  • Which European city stole her heart at first site, sip and bite

Erin Kelly

Account Supervisor

Erin’s robust skill set and infectiously positive attitude consistently lead to success for a varied set of clients. With experience in all types of consumer products and lifestyle brands, she is able to outline and deliver against strategic plans. Media relations, events, retail integrations, social media programming, brand partnerships and influencer outreach are just a few of the areas of expertise on which Erin’s partners rely.

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  • Living on a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean for 10 years

Karen Clough

Chief Operating Officer

Karen has brought decades of international experience in operations management to Mfa. With a focus on maintaining a dynamic, robust office environment, Karen keeps the agency well suited for success by providing solutions that are thoughtful and complete.

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  • How playing the part of a scuba-diving James Bond landed him a first date with his wife

Greg Kincheloe

Chief Financial Officer

Greg lives a life committed to excellence and strongly believes that failure is not an option. A career spanning 25 years is complemented by a background in commercial aviation and expertise in scuba diving and instruction that ensures Greg is always offering a unique perspective to our outstanding team of marketers.

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  • Taking a game drive through The Serengeti night with Maasai Warriors

James Runkle

Digital Strategic Partner

As the Principal of Drummond St. Strategy, James brings his unique approach to all things social and digital in his work with Mfa. With more than 20 years of work across multiple sectors, ranging from collegiate to corporate, James combines best-practices to provide customized solutions. Along with his team, James strengthens Mfa's social offerings and enhances clients' presence on all digital platforms.

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